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India Summit Creates Partnerships and Linkages for MCCCI Members

For years, Kumbutso Takomana, the chief executive officer of Aichi Company Limited, has faced challenges in finding export markets for her company. However, recent engagements at the 10th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in Gandhinagar, India, marked a turning point for her business.

“Our main objective was to connect with companies specializing in agricultural equipment supply, including irrigation and honey packaging and bottling machinery. We participated in B2B meetings with Indian companies from Gujarat, spanning over two days,” she explains.

Phiri (L) pose for photograph with other participants during the summit.

Selected members of the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) recently joined the Indian summit, a distinctive event fostering business interaction and collaboration. The summit provided MCCCI members with opportunities for business-to-business (B2B) meetings, industry conclaves, and investor networking sessions.

Takomana speaks highly of the summit’s impact on her business, expressing optimism for the future, thanks to MCCCI’s involvement.

“We established contacts with several Indian companies in the agricultural sector. Additionally, I had the opportunity to meet with a company from Abu Dhabi regarding honey markets, though no conclusive agreements have been reached yet.

“I also interacted with a manufacturer of biodigesters, machines used for producing liquid fertilizer from cow dung. Discussions are underway to introduce this technology to Malawi, inspired by the success witnessed among farmers in their country,” she narrates.

Despite her primary focus on agricultural products, Takomana also formed connections with companies in other sectors, such as manufacturers of bags, wallets, and purses equipped with tracking devices compatible with cellphones.

“We’ve recently signed an agreement to distribute these products in Africa. Furthermore, we engaged with investors from the Middle East to explore potential collaborations,” she adds.

Takomana eagerly anticipates further business linkages facilitated by MCCCI. Her experience mirrors that of Madalitso Phiri, managing director of Mach Milk Company, who recounts engaging in over 15 B2B meetings and exploring displays from various companies.

Phiri remarks, “The visit proved beneficial for our company as we connected with suppliers offering machinery and products beneficial to our local dairy farmers, who supply us with fresh milk, our primary raw material.

“We engaged in discussions with a company producing vitamins for dairy cows, aiming to boost milk output and density, addressing current challenges faced by our dairy farmers. We are currently conducting trials using samples provided by the company.”

Phiri also values the opportunity to discuss partnerships with a machinery manufacturer for pipe production and secure a sachet packing machine for milk powder distribution to low-income populations.

“We also met with companies interested in exporting our milk powder to Canada, with discussions progressing well,” Phiri adds.

During a business dinner, Phiri seized the opportunity to extend invitations to India and other nations to explore investment prospects in Malawi.