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MCCCI drills leaders in effective leadership

Malawi Confederation Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) has trained 30 business leaders on effective leadership through emotional intelligence to help drive organizational success and maintain a positive workplace culture.

The training facilitator, Amakhosi Jere, underscored the importance of emotional intelligence, pointing it is critical in personal and professional settings and especially in developing effective leaderships because it enables individuals to navigate social complexities, foster positive relationships, and make informed decisions.

Participants pose for a group photo

He said: “In a business context, developing emotional intelligence can significantly enhance leadership skills. Leaders with high EI are better equipped to handle stress, manage conflicts, and inspire their teams and they can create an inclusive and motivating work environment by understanding and addressing the emotional needs of their employees.

“This fosters trust, collaboration, and loyalty, leading to improved team performance and productivity. Furthermore, emotionally intelligent leaders are adept at communicating effectively, adapting to change, and making decisions that consider both the emotional and rational aspects of a situation,” he said.

The training, which took place from Thursday to Friday this week at Sigelege Beach Resort in Salima, drew participation from 11 private and public companies.

Last week, MCCCI also conducted another capacity building workshop at on Performance Management & Supervisory Skills Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe. From 27th to 28th June, MCCCI will conduct another training workshop on Occupational Health, Safety and Environment at Game Haven Lodge in Bvumbwe.

Jere takes the participants through an exercise during the training
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