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The Management

Management is responsible for the execution of the strategy of the Confederation under the leadership of the Chief Executive. Management implements various initiatives to deliver value to members as part of strategy implementation. The core functions of the of the Confederation are Membership Development which is led by Director, Membership Development, Lobbying and Advocacy which is led by Director, Business Environment, and Institutional Development which is led by Director, Institutional Development. The Chief Executive provides an overall oversight of the Secretariat and general direction to the heads of Directorates.

The current management team of MCCCI is as follows:

Ms. Daisy Kambalame

Chief Executive

Ms. Kambalame is responsible for the general management of the organisation and strategy. She leads high level lobbying and advocacy at Ministerial and Presidency level. She is a highly experienced economist, business counselling and private sector development specialist with two decades of experience working effectively with public and private sector stakeholders across key value chains in Malawi.

She holds a master’s degree in business economics from Reading University in the United Kingdom, a Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Malawi and an Advanced Certificate in Business Counselling (ACBC) from the University of Durham in the United Kingdom.

Mrs. Madalitso Kazembe

Director, Business Environment

Mrs. Kazembe heads the Directorate of Business Environment which leads the implementation of lobbying and advocacy function, under the MCCCI, to promote a conducive business environment for the private sector. Her directorate conducts research to inform evidence-based lobbying and advocacy. She also champions the development of position papers based on the research findings. Further, her Directorate regularly reviews and analyses various economic policies and make proposals for improvements to government.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science from the University of Malawi.

Mr. Chimwemwe Luhanga

Director, Institutional Development

Mr. Luhanga heads the Directorate of Institutional Development which seeks to strengthen the institutional capacity by developing policies and broadening the income base of MCCCI. He also leads the efforts to redevelop Trade Fair Grounds.

Mr. Luhanga holds a Master of Business Administration (distinction) from the University of Derby and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy from the University of Malawi. He is a Fellow of the Chartered and Certified Accountants (FCCA) and a member of the institute of the Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM).

Mrs. Wezi Mungoni

Director, Membership Development

Mrs. Mungoni leads the implementation of the Confederation’s strategic direction in the areas of membership, events, communication and revenue growth. She has responsibility over the entire cycle of recruitment of new members, retention of existing members, promotion of membership categories upgrades among existing members, sourcing referrals and generating leads which are transformed into new members and growth of the
base of services provided by the Confederation.

She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Malawi School of Government and a Bachelor of Arts (English) University of Eastern Africa, Baraton – Kenya. She also holds a Professional Diploma in Marketing and Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing – Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) – UK. She is a member of the Institute of Marketing in Malawi.


Mrs. Linda Pete

Head Business Linkages and Events

Mrs. Pete leads the efforts to establish lasting linkages between Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large corporates both locally and internationally. One way of facilitating the linkages is through conducting Trade Promotion events like the Malawi International Trade Fair and the National Agriculture Fair which bring together several players in the value chains including financial institutions.

Mrs. Pete hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from the University of Malawi.

Mr. Charles Desiderio Liwimbi

Information Technology Manager

Mr. Liwimbi leads the Information Technology section within the Confederation. In his role, he assumes responsibility for various crucial tasks such as managing, planning, implementing, and maintaining the Information Technology infrastructure. As the head of the Information Technology section, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the Confederation’s IT systems are effectively managed and optimized to meet the organization’s needs of supporting it membership.

Mr. Liwimbi hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology from the University of Malawi.

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