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Malawi, Zambia share business opportunities

Seventeen Zambian and over 100 Malawian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in agriculture, renewable energy, mining and circular economy sectors Tuesday, November 7, converged in Blantyre to share business opportunities.

Speaking during the opening of the Trade Mission Business Seminar, Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) President Lekani Katandula said the engagement was meant to champion business development, promote trade between the two countries and facilitate partnerships among SMEs.

He added that it also presents an opportunity for long-term networking and partnership benefits with potential partners.

“It is therefore great to see businesses that are helping to shape our shared economic future come together. The future of Malawi and Zambia is aligned . Our success builds on each other’s success,” Katandula said.

Ministry of Trade and Industry Principal Secretary responsible for Macro, Small and Medium Enterprises Francis Zhuwao touted the seminar as the right path toward developing the Malawi economy.

“Our aim is to see SMEs grow and start providing us with what we consume so that we do not have to import but, not only that, we want them to be able to produce more value added goods that we can also export ,” Zhuwao said.

Managing Director for Agriche Mayamiko Kukada said the seminar provided the SMEs with opportunities to scout markets outside the country.

AGS Business Partnership expert Anna Erkkila said the seminar offers SMEs an ideal platform for interaction

“We have with us here 17 Zambian companies 13 are looking at opportunities in agribusiness, either primary production like irrigation equipment ,seeds and farm products as well as food,for instance,honey,chicken products and healthy snacks.

“Three companies are looking at a circular economy including waste collection and waste management,water purification and reuse of materials ; for instance ,turning food waste into high protein animal feed . Another three companies are looking at opportunities around renewable energy” she said.

Caption: A cross section of the participants

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