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Lobbying And Advocacy

MCCCI serves as a policy advocate for its members to make the business environment more competitive and better for business operations. This is done by carefully considering public policy positions as well as industry. We foster and maintain regular communication between the government and business communities. Where need arise, we recommend and take action to support pro-business policies and create a business-friendly environment. We champion our priorities in all issues affecting the business community. In recent years, we have taken the lead to advocate for amendments to land regulations, the development of crop bills, and sugar bills, among others. The confederation uses a number of platforms to lobby and advocate, such as the public-private dialogue forum, national pre-budget consultation meetings, and direct engagement with the relevant government ministries or departments. By connecting businesses, supporting entrepreneurs, advocating for business interests, promoting tourism and events, and fostering workforce development, the confederation contributes to the growth and prosperity of the economy.

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