Lobbying & Advocacy

Lobbying and Advocacy services are carried out to address private sector needs in the development of good policies and economic initiatives. These are done to ensure a conducive business environment for private sector development.

MCCCi carries out research, and analyses policies to identify obstacles of doing business in Malawi. These provides MCCCI with a basis for lobbying and advocacy on issues that need to be addressed by public sector.

Lobbying sessions may be short, medium or long term but greatly influence government on the development of appropriate strategies. MCCCI also works with the business community by advising government on matters relating to business and social economic impact of businesses.

a. Public Private Dialogue (PDP) Forum

PPD Forum is one of the mechanisms that is used for lobbying. It is comprised of high level team of public and private sector representatives that discusses challenges faced by the business community. MCCCI engages the public sector on issues that affect private sector development in Malawi, especially those that impact on short term policies or regulatory issues like tax procedural issues and/or interpretation of certain provisions,

The Forum also promotes public private partnerships so as to open more opportunities for business people to actively engage in.

b. Business Meetings

Business meetings are held with relevant Government officials and Parliamentary committees to discuss and resolve issues affecting the operations of businesses. MCCCI organizes specific luncheons/dinners to provide a forum where specific sectors can present their issues with relevant authorities on one-to-one sessions.

c. Media briefings

MCCCI holds conferences to brief the media on private sector developmental issues and also comment in the media on issues of national socio-economic importance.