Information Services

a. Documentation Centre

MCCCI provides business and economic information for decision making. It has an established Documentation Centre where documents like business magazines, leaflets, newsletters, statistical reports, economic reports, business newspapers can be found.

b. Search Engine

MCCCI plays a major role of searching for opportunities from all over the world for its members. These opportunities range from linkages with suppliers and markets, joint venture opportunities to linkages with micro finance institutions. These are sent to members through email and some are made available on MCCCI's website

c. Business Centre -  International Community

MCCCI is also a one stop centre for foreign businesses in search of trade opportunities and investments in Malawi. Foreign businesses can easily access information so as to take advantage of opportunities available in Malawi.

d. Publications

MCCCI publishes monthly bulletins, business magazines, business briefs, in-depth policy papers and research studies that provide members with up-to-date information on economic developments in Malawi.

This is one important way of disseminating business information to members. Publications are also distributed to members like Malawi Business Climate Survey, Business Briefs and Business Voice magazine, which provide useful information for policy making.