Business Linking & Facilitation Services

a. Trade Fairs

Annually, MCCCI organizes the Malawi International Trade Fair (MITF) and other specialized fairs such as the National Agriculture Fair and the National Science and Technology Fair. These fairs enhance networking amongst local and foreign companies.

b. Business Missions

MCCCI also organises trade/business missions with the international community. These missions are either within the SADC and COMESA regions or beyond. MCCCI makes it possible for its members to take part in activities like trade shows and exhibitions that greatly contribute to the development of businesses in Malawi.

It allows its members to market their products and services while travelling in other countries.

c. Networking Services

Members network with one another to. build up business relationships through business dinners/luncheon, meetings, conferences and other events organized by MCCCI. These have also assisted members to find business opportunities by mere interaction and exchange of ideas.