Business Information

Selected Business Facts About Malawi 

Business Hours
Business operating hours are 07.30 hours to 12.00 noon and 13.00 hours to 17.00 hours with a lunch break between 12.00 noon and 13.00 hours. Most offices close for lunch. Most Commercial Banks open at 08.00 hours and close at 15.00 hours.

Industrial Estates
Industrial estates are available in the major cities and towns. Private industrial land is also available. A privately owned industrial park, Maone Industrial Estate outside Blantyre/Limbe is one such site, with a plentiful labour pool nearby on convenient public transport routes. Most industrial estates are connected to major transport routes with reasonable freight costs by air, water road and rail to major international markets.

There are two operators of fixed line phones and two operators for mobile phones.  Postal services are mainly provided by the Malawi Posts Corporation. There are also other private postal operators. There are several Internet Service Providers. Internet cafes or bureaux can be found in all the major cities and towns of Malawi at affordable rates.

Electricity Supply
The electrical supply is based on the 220/240 volts system and the three-pin plugs used are of the British square bayonet. For electrical appliances with other types of pin plugs, adapters are readily available in most electrical shops.