Malawi’s ease of doing business score has improved from 59.59 in Doing Business 2019 to 60.9 in Doing Business 2020. Malawi’s overall position has improved from 111 to 109, in the Doing Business Index.


World Bank Malawi Country Manager’s position on Doing Business 2020

“Malawi Government is committed to create jobs for young people. Therefore, improving the business environment will be crucial to delivering that commitment. So, it is good news that Malawi has, overall, improved its business regulations and in absolute terms is narrowing the gap with global regulatory best practice,” says Greg Toulmin, Country Manager for Malawi.  “However, there is still much more   Malawi needs to do--and quickly--if this commitment is to be realized in full. We look forward to working with Government to help them deliver it.”


What are the ranking trends?

Mauritius (13) is the highest-ranking Sub-Saharan African economy overall. It is also the only economy from this region in the top 20 cohort.

The second highest ranked economy in the region is Rwanda (38).

Mauritius (13) and Rwanda (38) are the only two Sub-Saharan African economies in the top 50 on the ease of doing business ranking. South Sudan (185), Eritrea (189), and Somalia (190) are the lowest ranked economies in the region.

Other large economies in the region and their rankings are Kenya (56), South Africa (84), Ghana (118), Nigeria (131), and the Democratic Republic of Congo (183)

The region’s economies perform best in the area of   getting credit (113). Conversely, the region underperforms in the areas of getting electricity (146), trading across borders (140) and registering property (129). For example, the cost to obtain a permanent electrical connection in Sub-Saharan Africa is 3 times higher than the global average and 52 times higher than in the OECD high-income group. It takes over 200 hours in Côte d'Ivoire and Cameroon to comply with export border procedures for maritime transport, compared with 13 hours in OECD high-income economies. Ports in Sub-Saharan African are the least efficient of any region.

Sub-Saharan Africa remains one of the weakest-performing regions on the ease of doing business ranking with an average score of 51.8, well below the OECD high-income economy average of 78.4 and the global average of 63. Compared with the previous year, Sub-Saharan African economies   increased their average doing business score by 0.9 points.